Stanislava Stanoeva


Once, I was walking around the city, thinking about all the bad things that we have every day, the crises, the wars, the attacks, the illnesses, and all that. I was thinking about the sun and the rain outside and within us. I felt terribly tense and sad. Then I went into a bookshop, opened the first book of poetry, that my eyes met. It happened to be Seferis, I read a poem, and it seemed as if all of a sudden everything came to its place, I felt great relief, as if I had saved my soul.

A good poem is enough to make you experience your personal catharsis, to help you clear yourself from the noise of the day, from everything ephemeral and transient. To see the real things in life. To sow the unnecessary, the vanish things away. At least this is my way of salvation. It is a pity that so few people nowadays save their souls through poems. Because poetry is the shortest way to bring the soul back to its proper place.

Of course, poetry is not such a popular art, and it should not be. In this sense, if anyone needs verses in today's fast-paced day, he or she can always get them. Poetry is always at your fingertips, at a click of the mouse. And this is an entirely personal choice.

Otherwise, poetry is everywhere – even in the dirty snow on the sidewalks, in the ghetto, in the nightclub lights, in the rattled bus you travel to work with... And when you find it in all these places, you understand their true nature. Because poetry is the most universal language in the world. By three sentences it can make you feel things, the existence of which you have not even suspected.

Poetry is a Word, besides – the highest sample of a Word. It always hangs between the worlds, between the people and the surrounding environment, between the visible and the invisible. The Word can recreate everything, so it can be found everywhere. But its source is within us, here is the spring, here is where it runs from, in order to rich the material world. In this sense, poetry can be anything. It is the charisma of mankind, excavating from all its bowels.

One will always need the word, and the poetic word is healing, it causes you to experience catharsis in order to preserve yourself, to feel truly alive.

It is a medicine, the dose of which you need to know. If you overdo it – you can get poisoned. In this sense, poetry will always exist, it is the language of the Universe, of the Original, of the feelings and the thoughts.

Those who understand the poetic language – they see things that remain hidden for the other people. To love, to feel poetry – it is like having another sensation, because poetry is the encoded language of human and human being.


Translation – Elka Dimitrova


The project “International Festival of Poetry “ORPHEUS” – Plovdiv 2018” was realized with the financial support of “The Cultural Programme for the Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the European Union 2018” of the National Culture Fund.


Bulgarian Presidency
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